A passion for impacting lives

Our talented, creative and fun team at EnterMedicare is driven by making Medicare more transparent and healthcare more accessible.


Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt is Technical Advisor to Alphabet Inc. Eric was Executive Chairman of Alphabet from 2015-2017, and of Google from 2011-2015. From 2001-2011, Eric served as Google’s Chief Executive Officer.
Joel Peterson
Joel Peterson has been on the faculty at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University since 1992. He also served as Chairman of the Board at JetBlue Airways for 12 years (2008-2020).
Scott Brady
Scott is a partner at Innovation Endeavors and a three-time entrepreneur. He co-founded three publicly-traded tech companies and is a board member at some of the most ambitious startups in tech.
Darren Rodgers
Darren is the former Chief Marketing Officer of HCSC, as well as the former President of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.
Doug Schneider
Former CEO of Connecture. During his tenure, Connecture ran major portions of the medicare.gov. Lead ten figure P&L at Thomson Reuters Health

Meet Our Team

Dennis Negron
While launching California for Oscar, Dennis became primary care coordinator for his grandmother who raised him. He saw the difficulties families face and now is focused on improving the lives for Medicare recipients, using 10+ of leadership in insurance.
Sami Mirimiri
Sami has a decade of experience in development. He has led teams at Capital One working on digital transformations utilizing greenfield technology and has supported the national retail experience and banking infrastructure. In his free time he builds hardware IOT sensors and shreds the electric guitar.
Doug Phung
Doug has 7+ years of experience working in software development with companies ranging from from early stage startups to large Fortune 100 companies. Outside of development hours, he is an advocate and coach for youth ultimate frisbee.
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez leads Business Operations, after previously managing financial partners at Facebook.

We assembled a team of healthcare and technology veterans to build a next generation Medicare growth platform.We’ve worked for McKinsey, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and graduated from Stanford and other top universities. Most recently we’ve left roles at companies like Oscar, Airbnb, Facebook and ZocDoc to make a difference in the lives of Medicare recipients.

Supercharge your healthcare.