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10,000 people per day are turning 65. You can get paid to enroll them in Medicare.

Earn Extra Income

We are looking for a resourceful hands-on Chief of Staff to power scale and maximum impact for our rapidly growing software business. Reporting to tInsurance companies will pay you money to coach people on their Medicare decisions, both in person and online. Our platform easily makes you an expert, so you can earn $400 for every person you sign up. Then every year that person renews, you’ll earn another $200. Your income grows as you help more of your family members, friends, neighbors and community members.

Find Meaning in Your Work

First and foremost, we are looking for people who understand that people’s lives are at stake. If we get this right, people get better access to chemotherapy or lower co-pays on their doctor visits and prescriptions, and that makes us jump out of bed to come do this every single day. The friction in healthcare should frustrate you to no end and the opportunity to come fix it should energize you to help. We’re mission driven and hope you are too.

Total Flexibility

Be your own boss, choose your hours, work from home and on the go. As little as 1 enrollment per week equals $20,000 in annual income. Want more? Some advocates earn over $100k in their first year and $200k in their second year! Decide how much or how little you want to work, when it makes sense with your schedule.

Become an Expert

Healthcare is the largest sector of our economy, and you’ll have a front seat to the fastest growing part! We make sure your education is top notch. Yes this means you’ll get paid to help people and to learn. You will quickly be an expert in your community. Everyone over 65 needs help with this decision and they will turn to you for guidance.

All Advocates receive our training, a personalized website, and more!

Our Advocate community is strong and growing.

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Do well by doing good. Become an Advocate today.

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